22 Jan 2021

Fajita Chicken Pasta


Chicken (fresh or frozen straight to cook)
Pasta of your choice
Fajita Spice Mix
Frozen Vegetables and Peppers (of your choice)
Garlic Granules (optional)
Evaporated Milk (tinned) OR for a richer taste double cream
Tinned Tomatoes


In a large pan place chicken, add enough water to cover the
chicken, tinned tomatoes and the fajita spice mix then bring to
the boil
Simmer until the chicken is cooked then add
the vegetables and pasta
Once the pasta is cooked add the
cream and garlic (if required)
The cream will thicken the
sauce (the higher the temperature
the thicker the
sauce will get)
If using the evaporated
milk then you may need
to add some cornflour to