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Hygge Wallasey

We Explore & Research International Early Years Educational Approaches

We explore and research international early years educational approaches in order to enhance our knowledge and understanding of how children learn not only here in Wirral, but all over the world. The concept of uniting Hygge with Early Years education has been lead by Kimberley Smith who also runs online workshops for parents and families.


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Danish concept of 'Hygge'

The Danish concept of 'Hygge' (which can be pronounced hue-guh) is about embracing the simple moments in life with such joy and appreciation and can be felt and is believed to originate from the word hug. Whether it be a meal at home with family or good friends, snuggling up with a good book or taking time to enjoy a woodland walk. It is believed to be the pathway for happiness and good mental health. We aim to bring this concept into our setting using the 10 elements listed below as guide to create a warm, cozy environment for all. They are:

· Atmosphere

· Harmony

· Truce

· Presence

· Equality

· Comfort

· Shelter

· Gratitude

· Pleasure

· Togetherness

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