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Baby Room

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At Pitter Patter Day Nursery & Pre-School, we look after babies from as young as 5 weeks old in our specially equipped 0-12 month baby room. The room is bright and colourful, providing a safe environment for your baby to develop and start fully exploring their environment.


Our 0-12 month baby room has a strictly no shoe policy, with all the baby room staff wearing slippers or socks. This ensures good hygiene for all the babies we care for as they do the majority of their exploring on the floor.


We have a staff to child ratio of 1:3, which enables every child and family to be given the care and attention that they need. We provide an extensive range of exciting baby activities including sand, water and spaghetti play, as well as trips to the local park.


Baby Room

Meet The Team

Clare - Room Supervisor

Leah - Nursery Practitioner
Holly - Nursery Practitioner

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